In a Slump.....bad posture doesn’t just look bad it can affect your workouts


In a Slump

Bad posture doesn’t just look bad. It can also compromise your workouts, undermine your health and contribute to injuries. Here’s how to straighten up.


Posture Problem: Head Protrusion
Posture Problem: Rounded Shoulders
Posture Problem: Weak Abs
Posture Problem: Tight Hamstrings
Assess Your Posture

If you’re slouching as you’re reading this, you’re not alone. Most Americans suffer from improper body alignment, otherwise known as poor posture. Years of driving cars, sitting at computers and carrying heavy bags (or children) can exact a toll on your skeleton. And the problem is more than aesthetic – poor posture can trigger a chain reaction of health issues, including breathing difficulties, back injuries and chronic tension headaches.

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even carrying around extra tummy weight can exact undue stress on your skeleton. we just have to be more conscious of our posture when we're sitting, walking, or carrying.

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